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Meet Our Team

Sean Wiley
Agency Owner

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Growing up in Hillsboro, Missouri, Sean has previously worked as a high school teacher and head baseball coach before he became an insurance agent. He finds the insurance industry to be most rewarding because of the influence he has on those surrounding him. Sean’s clients are part of his agency’s family and he feels an obligation to advise you and make sure your assets are properly protected.

Sean is an avid bow hunter, baseball fan, and coach. He is very close and adores his family full of funny, loving, caring people. When he’s not in the office, you can find him with his family or his significant other, Haleigh, who bring light and humor into Sean’s daily life.

Sean is very passionate about high school athletics and giving back. In the past, The Wiley Group has worked to raise funds for area high schools, but he has a particular interest in coaching baseball in the summer, being a role model for 17, 18, and 19-year-olds.

Miller McClendon
Licensed Sales Professional

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Growing up in Kirkwood, Missouri, Miller has been through it all career-wise. Starting off as an Architect, then a stay-at-home dad, Miller has now spent five years in the insurance world. His favorite part of his job is giving our customers the best coverage they can get while receiving excellent customer service and saving them money.

When Miller is not at work you can find him practicing for his traveling soft-tip dart league on Tuesday nights or playing bingo at a Brewery in Rock Hill on Thursdays. Miller is also a board member for Educare, a daycare/ preschool, and can’t wait to see how The Wiley Group will improve our community!

Crystal Meyer
Licensed Sales Professional

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Crystal grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois where she spent most of her time reading and talking to strangers, learning about the world around her. She started her insurance career six years ago at a small insurance broker selling many different companies. Crystal decided to make the move as an LSP about five years ago and is now fully licensed in property, casualty, life and health, dual licensed in Illinois and Missouri.

Crystal loves insurance and is passionate about coming to work every day to get everyone else as excited as she is. Her goal is to empower people to be able to know what they have and what it means, taking control over their insurance destiny. “Knowledge is a gift, and I want to share that gift with everyone I know.”

When Crystal isn’t talking to her friends about the insurance world, you can find her singing, editing books for her father and author friends, and spending time with her daughter.  Her favorite karaoke place is Tiny’s or her in-home karaoke bar, surrounded by friends.

Peter Pace
Licensed Sales Professional

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As an experienced insurance advisor with over twenty years of professional business & advisory experience and two years with The Wiley Group, Peter is always ready to listen! He loves making a difference in someone’s life for the better and helps provide him a satisfaction above any other returns. Peter loves to provide an experience that gives the client satisfaction that they want to share.

Peter went to St. Louis University and now resides in the St. Louis metro area where he is very involved with his family, church and daughter’s youth sports. That’s why, when he’s not talking about work, you can find him talking about his amazing family. Peter also loves the jazz flute and used to play for a club owner named Tino!

As a member of the Knights of Columbus and a proud 3rd degree Knight, Peter can’t wait to see how The Wiley Group will make a difference for our community.